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Hi, I'm Rob Knowles

RILL | This stands for Respect, Integrity and Lifelong Learning

These are three planks on which I have built my professional life. Without realising I started early.

At 14 I had Saturday job replenishing the wall paper and paint shelves in an early version of the DIY warehouse operations we see today. Part of my role was to help customers - especially lifting heavy 5 litre paint tins into the trolley then helping them load it into their car. On one occasion one customer, waiting until the transaction had been rung through the tills (25 tins of paint) before complaining "How much, I can get this down the road at least a pound a tin cheaper" I was completely unaware of what to do ( and remembering she had previously checked the price on the shelf) my confusion was evident. I now know she was trying to get a discount.

I was rescued by my manager who promptly responded - "On you go then madam. I'm sure every trader in this town knows the value of their products."

He followed up by asking me a few questions and smiling explained - "Its not always about the sale - if you value your products and can stand over them, there is no need to get into anything like what nearly just happened - well done!"

This, like many other lessons I learnt are still applicable today.