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Welcome to the all new Cubet

1st August 2017
It is with mixed emotion that I launch my redesigned website. There is a heady cocktail of excitement, trepidation, and being self-critical, a small amount of sadness that I am moving onto a better designed and functioning website. My feelings are largely excited, positive and looking forward to what a new online presence may bring. So what is the slightly hesitant side to my thinking? I guess I am (as indeed many people who encounter change) am clinging onto a string of nostalgia.

Why is that? As I designed and crafted the current (soon to be old version) using a free web account, I suspect it is a small fear of letting go that is gently tugging at my emotions.

The realisation that there was need for change came about when I was recently talking to a prospective client who, quite rightly, challenge me as to when I last critically reviewed my business.

Upon reflection, I felt it necessary to carry out the strategic review. This has led me to changing some of my activities, and channelling my energies into areas where I'm getting better results. During this process, I realised that is not just a simple change on the website.

Remembering some work I delivered to a client, I sat back and "imagineered" the finished product - what Stephen Covey would term "Start with the end in mind". Applying another of his other principles - putting first things first, I drew up my plan before bringing other professionals into the project.

So now, a week beyond my forecast time, I am ready launch my redesigned site.

As part of a different strategic approach, I plan to place greater emphasis on the use of electronic marketing, social media and an altogether more strategic approach to marketing.

I still highly value and enjoy networking, and will continue to do so.

So what have learned from the process?

I know my products and services sell
I know for some people, despite however useful my products and services are, they will never buy
I know that there is a more appreciative audience that understand, and be prepared to pay for my offering - I just need to find them, and let them know

So here goes...