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From the Doncaster Law Society:

8 of the 10 delegates marked your course as 'Excellent' and 2 delegates marked it as 'Good'. The comments that were left included the following:
"Very informative talk"
"Very interesting stuff"
"Extremely insightful & motivational - good presentation and delivery"
"Very interesting and thought provoking" ??
It seems everyone found it to be useful and invigorating!

"Rob has my highest endorsement and recommendation. In every interaction we've had he's exemplified what it means to be a volunteer and to be a mentor. As the area manager for 2 disparate areas, I rely on the goodwill and honour of people like Rob. That means advocating and advising his "mentees", our clients, in the best possible ways. He's always chased up the right information, his reporting to his coordinator has been timely and thorough; he has proven generous with his time, tolerant with our clients, and genuinely willing to help. Of the many hundreds of volunteers with whom I've interacted across 4 areas, Rob is among the top 10 I admire."

"Rob is a terrific mentor. He supports disadvantaged young people to help them set up a business. Despite extremely challenging clients, a bureaucratic environment, and ever increasing distance between him and the support structure, Rob has remained steadfast in encouraging his apprentices. Having someone with acumen means a lot to the success in the area. You can always count on Rob to be there and he's never let us down or the young people in his charge. His skills as a mentor are reflected by the positive comments we've received from the clients, as well as the outcomes he's helped them to achieve."
Justin D. Area Manager ?

"From our very first meeting the help and support I received from Rob was not only helpful, but paramount in the success I've had with my company. He has brought me so much and has been there every step of the way. I cannot thank him enough for the time and effort he has put into me and my business. Thank you Rob."
Lisa D. Business Owner

"I met Rob as my business mentor a few years ago as I tentatively moved towards self-employment. I had little business knowledge, and perhaps even less confidence in the idea that I could set up and manage my own business. It soon became clear that Rob held a font of information that was readily available and he had a way of sharing this information in a clear and digestible manner. Each time I felt a 'wobble' Rob had a way of instilling self belief and with his gentle encouragement gradually I felt myself growing into my business. It is with thanks to Rob that as I sit here today, waiting for my next client, I am also considering how to expand my business in different directions."
Sue G. Registered Counsellor

Feedback from workshop delegates:
In terms of feedback it's fair to say you went down extremely well. All evaluation forms indicated "excellent" for your delivery and included the following comments:
"Rob was excellent."
"A perfect host for the course."
"Rob was knowledgeable and inspiring".
"Just to let you know the feedback from your session was excellent again today. Several of the delegates said that your delivery style was a perfect pace and although the topic was deemed to be "dry" you made it fun and engaging.
Well done, praise indeed."
Extract from feedback following a pilot programme - for further details contact me directly.
"Excellent rapport demonstrating high mutual respect between the learners and tutor, progress and achievement are rewarded throughout the session.
Extremely enthusiastic approach by the tutor engaging all learners and facilitating learning.

sustained motivation and concentration.
Positive verbal and non verbal communication skills throughout both by learners and tutor.Standard of learners participation and work is outstanding, all learners demonstrated excellent knowledge and skills during the "Dragons Den" activity.

Learners are clear about what they have achieved and how to improve.
All learners are motivated and achieve targets set within the session.
Learners take pride in their presentation of work and learners are confident.
There is a lively buzz within sessions and learners and tutor are highly motivated, ask and answer challenging questions showing high levels of sustained concentration.
Tutor uses a range of approaches to explain ideas and concepts. Well chosen analogies were used to explain theories and practice. Tutor is highly focused and clear instructions were given.
Inspirational and appropriate pace, activities were well timed to maintain interest and stimulate learning."
Claire B - Quality Improvement Lead for contractor.

"I worked with Rob for a few years. He is a fantastic bloke. Very easy to work with and very knowledgeable in his field. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a business consultant. He worked very hard to assist me when I set up my business and helped me build a fantastic foundation to help me grow for the future."
Tony G Business Owner

"Rob possesses excellent business skills in helping teams and individuals drive forward continuous improvement. Rob s very professional in everything he does."
Angela H Chartered Safety & Health Practitioner (HSQE Manager)

"Rob has an impressive depth of knowledge of his sector and has given me first class support in the time I have known him. I've found him to be very personable to deal with, generous with his support, and an extremely pro-active colleague and member of my network."
Elaine G HR & Training Professional

"Rob worked in my team for some 12 months, he always had a passion for skills development and selling the benefits to small businesses, seeking solutions through root cause analysis. He always works hard to try to get employers to see the benefits of using skills to improve the business performance, and has helped to connect providers and employers to beneficial organisations. I always found Rob focussed and dedicated and had the recession not bitten quite so hard would have retained Rob."
Roger L Workforce Development Director

"I have had the pleasure of working with Rob Knowles on a number of projects over the last three years, the most recent gathering critical intelligence from our employers for inclusion in a 32.6million bid to UK Government. This was no mean feat given the timescales we had to work to and Rob excelled at this task."
Bev R Project Manager

"When I first got to know Rob, I was still employed as a Civil Servant and he assisted my department to deliver ICT qualifications, with excellent results. When I started my own training company, I knew I could call on him to produce the same results once more - which is exactly what he did - he said so on the tin!"
Betty McN Director

"Rob and I worked closely together as instructors and managers. He puts paid to the belief that nice guys come last, he has the ability to put together professionalism integrity, business sense hard work and doing the right thing in the same box. A great guy all round and an asset to any Client lucky enough to make use of his skills."
Jim McD Training & Development Consultant